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Free Online Education Resources

Free Online Education Resources

Are you looking to further your education or are you considering a change of profession? We’ve compiled a list of some free high quality online education resources that will allow you to pursue your goals. edX EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise of its founding partners Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that features learning designed specifically for interactive […]

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Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor

Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor

SOURCE: Powerhouse Dynamics. The eMonitor brings, for the first time, an affordable solution for homeowners to monitor the energy use on every circuit of the home, giving them visibility to where energy is being used – and wasted – and the ability to take action. The eMonitor’s unique combination of circuit- and appliance-level monitoring, continuous analytics and diagnostics, tailored recommendations, […]

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Ron Paul Press Conference 9/10/08

Too many people are voting for “The Lesser of Two Evils” and not making their vote truly count for real change. Watch the video and see for yourself if this is not what is happening or not. Part 1 [youtube id=”H4SYfaNWvAU”] Part 2 [youtube id=”rq8Q3H5WZm4″] Part 3 [youtube id=”_q-JVevYyMQ&”] Part 4 [youtube id=”lPrSgBQFBFM”] Part 5 [youtube id=”gCVtTiQ9KsA”] Part 6 [youtube […]

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If You Vote to Win in the Presidential Election, You Will Lose

Article Reprinted from The good news is, you can make your vote count Notwithstanding a miracle, the reality is that a vote to win will not make any significant difference for America. Whether you are concerned about people’s rights, the law, the economy, or even war, there is one essential truth to realize; both the Democratic and Republican candidates […]

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