ITZ Design Ban Table

Ban Table
The table draws its inspiration from the work of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and from traditional Asian joinery. The structure is designed on the basis of joinery techniques, which make it possible to put it together and take it apart without the use of screws, nails, dowels or glue. The table is designed to highlight the subtle beauty of the joints used in ancient joinery.




In this method of construction, pieces are put together with a basic technique that uses wooden joints, producing a highly pleasing table with excellent stability.
The glass table top ensures the lightness of the table while it lets you see all the details of the base. The Ban Table blends minimalist lines and excellent construction quality with functionality, creating a collapsible table, designed for easy packing and transport and with the intention of reducing its environmental impact.
Handmade by master carpenters from Bacalar, Quintana Roo.
Does not include the glass top.
design: Ania Wolowska

finish: matt varnish
dimensions without the glass top: L 210 / W 90 / H 74 cm.
dimensions of the glass top: L 220-240 / W 100-110
available in: Katalox (Mexican Ebony) and Machiche (Black Cabbagebark)

Source: ITZ Design